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Educationalprogram for teachers

Finding new, interesting and motivating classroom resource material can be a problem, one that Newsweek recognises. So from its immense news gathering resources Newsweek has put together a language package, the English English Program, designed to help you, the teacher, overcome that difficulty. The 2012-2013 reviews will be produced every month from October 2012 through to May 2013.

The material will be prepared by practising teachers. Therefore, it will cover issues and topics which are relevant and necessary for a student to grasp in order to have a full understanding of the English language.

Each lesson will focus on an article from one of Newsweek's regular sections - the cover story, Society, Europe, World Affairs, Asia or Business. The lively content of these pages provides an ideal base for interesting and entertaining lessons on idioms and current English usage.

The language used will be authentic, up-to-date and full of common everyday expressions. It will not be doctored for classroom use and as a result will give your students a chance to tackle the "real" language from a source of unquestionable quality.

The articles selected will be relevant to a European audience. They will cover a number of important grammatical points, stretch a student's vocabulary and present topics which are ideal for further discussion. Each lesson will include several creative exercises covering a wide range of topics such as grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, spelling, comprehension and style. Each lesson will include a Teacher's Guide to you with the solutions to all exercises.

This program is excellent value for money. Each student will enjoy saving of up to 75% off the newsstand cover price (see local prices on the Order Form).

Collect a minimum of 7 subscriptions at this very low student rate. Then we will deliver not only the magazines ordered but also a FREE Newsweek English Review, which will be sent by email to you, the teacher, on a monthly basis from October 2012 through to May 2013.

Plus, you, the teacher, will receive a FREE subscription to Newsweek.

And we will send a FREE dictionary to both you and each of the students enrolled in this program.

The teacher can choose between:

"Collins International Business English Dictionary"
"Collins Mini Thesaurus"
"Oxford Business Dictionary"
"Oxford Dictionary of Linguistics"

The students can choose between:

"Collins International Business English Dictionary"
"Collins Mini Thesaurus"

For a free Trial Lesson click here (please 'right click' and 'save destination as' for download)

For a PDF brochure of the program click here (please 'right click' and 'save destination as' for download)

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